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Introduction: QEHS Policy

Chem-Jet International's QEHS policy embodies the principles of continuous improvement, employee growth, and environmentally responsible business development.

  1. Chem-Jet places safety, security, and the protection of health and environment at the center of its company objectives. Product stewardship is addressed throughout the product life cycle: development, manufacture, transport, use and disposal.
  2. Chem-Jet is committed to aggressively identifying and meeting customer requirements to enhance customer satisfaction and their environmentally friendly use of our products.
  3. Chem-Jet provides customers with the necessary information and assistance for the proper use and handling of its products.
  4. Chem-Jet manages its activities and provides resources to meet the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations in the locations where business activities are conducted.
  5. Chem-Jet demonstrates trust in its employees by utilizing teams to create an environment of empowerment and innovation.
  6. Education, training, and development opportunities ensure the success of the continual improvement approach throughout the Chem-Jet organization.
  7. Each employee's commitment and behavior in QEHS matters are considered essential elements of individual performance.
  8. Chem-Jet regularly evaluates internal management systems in order to ensure the relevance of the actions undertaken, to assess performance, and to define new improvement objectives.
  9. Compliance of Chem-Jet's contractors' and suppliers' practices with these QEHS principles will be taken into account in the evaluation of their proposals and performance.
  10. Chem-Jet regularly evaluates emergency plans designed to manage and limit the consequences of potential industrial incidents.
  11. In a commitment to management transparency, Chem-Jet endorses an approach of constructive dialogue with the stakeholders and the communities related to its activities.
  12. Chem-Jet actively participates in various research programs and benchmarking activities designed to advance knowledge of products and processes in the fields of quality, environment, health and safety.